Re: [dev] [OFFTOPIC] Recommended meta-build system

From: twfb <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 13:51:41 +0000

On 11:15 Mon 01 Feb, Anselm R Garbe wrote:
> Well if you ask artists they will come up with gradients, translucency
> and other bullshit. I think the default color scheme in dwm is great.

Then you are asking the wrong "artists".

> >> I know you will say there shouldn't be any options, but even werc has options ;)

Dwm stands out from the other suckless projects in that it's a great
piece of software with adequate settings as is, even installed from
binary. Dwm doesn't really have any options if you look at it from this
angle. Perhaps the default settings could be improved to make dwm even
more usable/perfect straight out of the box.

I agree with Uriel, optionless is an improvement on suckless. A small
shift in attitude that could improve the software.

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