Re: [dev] [OFFTOPIC] Recommended meta-build system

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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 16:49:52 +0100

* Anselm R Garbe <> [2010-02-01 15:48]:
> On 1 February 2010 13:30, <> wrote:
> > experts rule: Actually they don't want!  Ever seen a suckless car, or
> > mobile phone?
> There was the DDR Trabant, which I consider quite close to a suckless
> car:

Well, Trabi is close to suckless, I agree. I still enjoy the simplicity when I
have a ride with an owner of an old one occasionally. But it is not safe,
for instance. Safety, in turn, is generally important, but not that much an
issue for the everyday home-work-back trip in a large city.

> As for a mobile phone I'd say that the iphone is quite suckless in
> some respects. Afaik its UI is not very customisable and it runs only
> 1 app at a time which is a nice restriction and eliminates a whole
> bunch of problems (well and has positive side-effect on power
> consumption as well).

In the cited respects, maybe. But a mobile phone with integrated camera,
touch screen, 'apps' for learning languages, etc. is as much suckless as an
axe with a door bell, toilet paper and nuclear power generator.

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