[dev] [sw] Suckless web-framework

From: Nibble <nibble.ds_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 05:51:52 +0200


I'm writing a little (68 LOC) "web-framework" is sh. I think that the
most remarkable features are:
* Markdown support
* Only depends on some standard commands: 'echo', 'grep', 'ls' and
* Easy configuration
* Create a web site is as easy as creating folders for sections and
  markdown files for contents
* Minimalism (68 LOC in one cgi)

It is inspired in werc, but keeping all the code base in one little
monolitic script, looking for the maximum simplicity (sw uses the werc
stylesheet by default, yep... I had not time for redesigning it and I
like the werc look, so I just cleaned it a bit ;)

You can get sw from my hg repository:
$ hg clone http://nibble.develsec.org/hg/sw

More info at: http://nibble.develsec.org/sw.cgi/projects/sw.md

If you want to give it a quick look, just say that
http://nibble.develsec.org/ is using sw now :)

Feedback is welcome :)

-- nibble
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