Re: [dev] MaxFloat support?

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 08:08:06 +0200

On 4/22/10, Yue Wu <> wrote:
> is. But,
> sometimes I want some windows can be always maximized after running and
> still
> is a floating window, so my question is, how to make dwm can auto-maximize
> this type of windows and still keep them be 'isfloating'? Maybe can add a
> feature that can assign them a type of 'ismaxfloating' property? The
> 'monocle'
> layout isn't what I want at all, in this mode, every window will be
> maximized.

if a window is maximized then i'm not sure what does it matter if it's
floating or not

if you need a layout which is similar to monocle but maximizes
isfloating windows as well, then i guess you need to hack dwm.c a lot
since floating windows are handled specially (eg resizehints is always
on for them, they are raised on top of other windows in manage and

if you don't want a new layout just maximization on when it's opened,
then you should hack manage() to set up the window size, but there is
no guarantee that the window will not set its size later
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