Re: [dev] Fwd: OT:GUI wireless connections management?

From: bjartur <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 04:57:42 +0000

>Hi, all.I wanted to ask for an advice.
>Being a laptop user, I have to swtich between wireless networks quite
>frequently, and often I have to connect to the new networks. So, I am
>in need of a tool that would allow me to automatize the whole routine:
>provide me with a list of networks, allow me to select the one to connect,
>find out the type of encryption and actually connect to it (prompting
>me for the encryption key, if needed) - since I don't think that I'll
>be able to memorize all the wpa_supplicant options to use it fluently
>(i.e. without having to read the manpage each time I want to connect to
>a new network).
Personally I script ifconfig, iw and dhclient to connect to my network
of choice but that's not really scalable. iw has a scan subcommand which
lists the type of encryption as well as the SSID and connection strength
but it's quite verbose (by default at least). This isn't perfect so I'm
open to suggestions as well.
>The current options that I am aware of:
>1. Networkmanager - ties a lot of dependencies and is not quite stable
Agreed. What exactly is Red Hat trying to achieve?
>2. wicd - has a ncurses flavour, I'll probably give it a try.
Seemed lightweight so I started merging it but stopped it after it compiled
Python and was installing DBus. Does it even have a CLI?
>3. connman (that thing that is used in Moblin/Meego) - quite young and I haven't heard much of it, and whether it could be used outside of its original environment. Although I believe I have read somewhere that E17 people were trying to make a EFL GUi to it, so probably it's rather flexible.
Sounds good.
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