Re: Re: [dev] Fwd: OT:GUI wireless connections management?

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 21:01:12 +0200

Anselm R Garbe dixit (2010-05-30, 19:29):

> On 30 May 2010 00:58, Ilya Ilembitov <> wrote:
> >> well I'm on openbsd. ifconfig is used for everything.
> >
> > Well, that changes pretty much everything. OpenBSD's ifconfig is probably a unique thing among other BSDs (AFAIK) and is nothing like Linux's ifconfig. And it's much simpler to use than iwconfig+wpa_supplicant in Linux. However, there are some types of encryption OpenBSD can't handle yet (although they are not as widespread as WPA/WPA2+TKIP/PSK).
> >
> > Honestly, because of things like that I would gladly switch to OpenBSD (since it supports all of my laptop's hardware and has all the software I need). But the fact that currently it doesn't have UTF-8 is really stopping me from doing so.
> OpenBSD has excellent support of the 7bit ascii subset of UTF-8. What
> else would you *really* need?
> For my German conversations I'm in favor to rewrite German umlauts
> like so: ae/Ae oe/Oe ue/Ue and sz and be still UTF8 compliant,
> regardless the platform in use.
> I understand that for cyrillic this would be a problem though.
> Nevertheless you could live with KOI8 and use icu's uconv for
> converting that stuff to UTF8 if you need to interchange with UTF8
> world.

And, скажы меня, what if I need to mix cyryllic, some unusual character
or two like »λ«, call upon Janáček's surname, mention a band called
Sigur Rós, their track „Suð Í Eyrum” and such?

Not seeing further than the tip of one's nose and *bending reality* to
the limitations of some dinosaur era string processing crap library is
so pathetic...

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