[dev] Re: [ANN] wmii 3.9.1 released

From: David Engster <deng_AT_randomsample.de>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2010 19:49:50 +0200

Kris Maglione writes:
> I'm releasing wmii 3.9.1, mainly to deal with bugs which have cropped
> up in the latest glibc and dash releases, breaking wmiir and wmiirc
> respectively.

Thank you.

I noticed a problem on a machine at work running Ubuntu, essentially due
to this construction in the event loop:

wmiir read /event | awk '/./ { print; fflush() } END { print "" }'

It seems Ubuntu installs 'mawk' for providing 'awk', which by default
buffers its input, so the above won't do anything. Ubuntu users will
have to install 'original-awk' and symlink/rename that to awk, or - even
worse - use some obscure '-W interactive' option from mawk in the above

Please don't flame me, I'm just the messenger...

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