Re: [dev] [surf] Segfault bug

From: Gene Auyeung <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 21:44:41 -0700

I just tried opening a link in a new window, and the segfault still happens.

It would be nice if a new window was opened in a different instance of
surf, but I have the vague impression that in some cases windows for
the same site sometimes need to communicate. For example a site opens
a window for Search. It displays the search bar and result snippets
there, but actual result pages open in the original window.

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 9:28 PM, Rob <> wrote:
>> For a while I've been frustrated when I close a surf window, it takes
>> down the process that created it, along with all windows of that
>> process.  For clicking a link in gmail will open a new window, and
>> closing that window sometimes closes the parent window as well.  Today
>> I had some time to insert printfs into surf.c to find out what's going
>> on.
> I've been having this bug too, but I think (if i remember correctly),
> that it only happens if I middle
> click links which invokes the javascript new window() business. I
> think when I use the right click
> menu's Open In New Window option it doesn't cause the segfault
> (because it spawns a new surf
> instance?). I'll check when I'm next at my machine.
>> It turns out that closing a window while it is loading causes a
>> segfault, and so all the 'struct Clients' of that process die.  This
>> is somewhat okay if it the process just had one window, but sucks
>> otherwise.
> Could the javascript in script.js be altered to spawn a new surf
> instance (perhaps
> via javascript callbacks or however surf has them set up?) instead of
> a new window
> with the same surf instance? Kind of defeats the whole one-task-one-process aim
> of surf.
>> I'm using a key sequence bound to the killclient() function in dwm-5.5.
>> I'm using the latest pull of surf (220:e83fbd17d63a).
> I'm also using the latest pull.
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