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From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 18:15:47 +0200

I have find in twitter (identica and others..aka microblogging) a very
interesting way
of comunication. The protocol is simple, the messaging is simple, is
fast to read
(because you cannot post large stuff) and can be used in a very simple way.

It's true that twitter is full of morons, but you can also find smart
people and decent
information if you use it correctly. The point is that it is
centralized, but IMHO doing
it in a decentralized (distributed crypto hashmaps) it can result on a
75% of my
mail usage.

Also 'private' accounts or mailings can be created on the fly, so no
need for special
services (like in mail) to implement this, etc.. So it's simple and

I think on it as a mix between mail and chat. allowing to keep timelines
to track
your time, find async answers to questions, get news (rss replacement),
people (geotwitting) and more.. And all this shit just implemented on
top of a very
stupid idea.

The problem with mail is that it has been disgracied by spammers,
comunication protocols
has been filled with retarded auth methods and hacks to make it work on
broken clients
like outlook, etc.. and all this shit needs to be rethinked.

Certainly I would prefer to use a twitter-like protocol if it was
text-based (no xml), distributed.

There's people using twitter to get notifications from servers and other
stuff, so it is a simple
idea with many uses. I like it. But it's up the everybody to think
whatever they can think about it ;)


On 06/11/10 17:07, Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> On 11/06/10 Kris Maglione said:
>> I'd sooner throw away my computer than sign up for a Twitter
>> account.
> I have one but I admit it was mostly out of curiousity. I feel like an idiot
> saying "tweet". Just fix email, at least it's decentralized and universal.
> Mike
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