Re: [dev] stderr: unnecessary?

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 19:58:11 +0100

On 11 June 2010 17:19, pancake <> wrote:
> In GObject, exceptions, or errors are passed as reference in an
> argument, so the return value can be used without restrictions:
> for example:
>   unsigned int read(int fd, ref char *buf, unsigned int buf_len, GError
> **err);
> (yeah, thats a silly example, but it allows you to make reads bigger than 31
> bits
> without having to check for the return value) In other situations it is good
> to handle errors in this way, but thinking on some restrictions allows
> you to mix error values and data in the same pipe.

One nice thing about Plan 9 is its "exits(char *msg)" function, which
lets you return a string at termination, which sort of serves the same
purpose, except for programs rather than functions...

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