Re: [dev] Interesting post about X11

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 09:23:08 +0100

On 16 June 2010 08:42, Anselm R Garbe <> wrote:
> I wouldn't say that careful user interface consideration results in
> sam or acme necessarily. I tried to adapt acme for quite a long time
> some years ago; and always felt uncomfortable. This doesn't mean that
> they don't work for others though.

Definitely. I think it's important that careful consideration does go
into user interfaces, but I'm not sure whether Pike was right with
regards to rio and acme, which is why I use dwm and (bitterly) vim. On
the other hand a more keyboard-driven samterm would be amazing.

> Having said that suckless' focus
> has always been the experienced computer user, hence I don't really
> think we should follow the trend and design an interface that works
> for granny. The point is we should design user interfaces for
> ourselves, not for Apple users ;)

Naturally software needs to be written for inexperienced folk, since
they aren't going to write it themselves, but that definitely lies
outside the suckless scope. The way I see it, programmers writing
advanced software is in everyone's best interests, since the better
our tools the better our output... Of course, that still requires
careful thinking about user interaction in order to optimise the tool.

I consider `make` a great example of user experience design for
programmers... I mean, how useful is that thing?

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