Re: [dev] flo - a command line program for organizing events, to-dos, and deadlines

From: Andreas Wagner <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 12:50:38 -0400

I would like a system for managing a task dependency graph, it is
easier for many people to complete vague tasks when they are broken
down. Having many small tasks without a dependency graph of some sort
would be cumbersome.

The user could specify (a) task(s) that depends on another task or an
unordered list of tasks. This would, of course create a directed
acyclic graph. The edges of the graph could optionally have a length
defined by the dates.

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:09 AM, Alexander Teinum <> wrote:
>> Don't have time right now, hence that task management application ? †;-)
> $ f check out davidís app
> Ids are updated.
> On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 5:32 PM, Nikhilesh S <> wrote:
>> I made a flo-git package for AUR then when I was about to submit I found
>> that there was already flo-git in AUR. This would have been my first
>> package. ;_;
> Although Iím the maintainer of that package, I didnít get to create
> the PKGBUILD myself.
> I found another nice way to use flo at work today. When Iím about to
> work on an item, then I start by removing it off the list. That way I
> hinder myself to do something else Ė if I do, then I have to add it
> back; which I donít want to.
> Then I add sub-tasks:
> $ f 1. commit unchecked code
> $ f 2. write draft of test for whatever_I_might_be_working_on
> $ f 3. get Firstname Lastname to code review my test
> $ f 4. polish
> $ f 5. test performance of the test
> $ f 6. see if what I learn from writing this test can improve similar tests
> $ f 7. commit
> Then I do the same with these things as I did with the task itself;
> once I remove an item, then I have to do it.
> The alias below lists all things that starts with two spaces, followed
> by one to many digits, a dot, and then a space. Itís pretty solid, as
> itís not possible to type in two spaces with floís short syntax (nice
> side effect of how arguments work.)
> alias ff='flo | grep -E " †[[:digit:]]+\. "'
> Sub-tasks might be overkill in many cases. Managing them might hinder
> one getting things doneÖ not sure yetÖ
> Alexander
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