[dev] dwm puzzle

From: Peter John Hartman <peterjohnhartman_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 13:35:10 -0400


Before an upgrade to hg tip last month (long overdue, maybe about a year
overdue) firefox and open office used to "behave properly": if I'm in
tile mode and fire up firefox, e.g., it tiles as well. But now, after the
upgrade, both firefox and open office behave like elitists: not only do they
not tile in tile mode (they sit on top) they don't allow me to do focusstack
either to flip to other things under the stack. Hence, MODKEY t, m, and the
j and k don't work. I can make firefox behave if I hit F11 (oddly enough),
but nothing I can do can get open office to behave.

I have no Rules in my Rules section of config.h and I verified that this
is the same even with a vanilla config.def.h as my config.h. Suggestions?

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