Re: [dev] [] Minimalist Live Distro

From: Bjartur Thorlacius <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 21:32:56 +0000

On 11/9/10, Kurt H Maier <> wrote:
> was this message just a fantastic troll post or what?
> "minimalistic distro with samba"
Necessary evil. Minimalist as in minimally configured kernel, init
system, no KDE, no GNOME, a full-screen WM, etc. But It'll have to
cope in a Windows network.
Please inform me if there's a simpler way to access Windows shares.
> "fully functional web browser sans x"
Weak hope. Web browsers suck by nature making this request rather
moot, but I'd like to keep all the low-level stuff as minimal as
possible. I've seen quite a bit of X11-bashing (and two argumenst
against it, thereof one actually presenting a theoretical problem).
Thus I wondered if running e.g. Wayland or allocating a virtual
terminal for each interactive application would be a better idea.
> and a javascript interpreter separate from a web browser! hilarious
Not necessarily seperate from the web browser. The goals of a web
browser and a webapp VM are different, though. I'm really considering
using a sane web browser with a good UI for casual surfing and firing
up a Webkit monster to download my homework assignments.

  - Bjartur
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