Re: [dev] git dmenu mirror with feature branches instead of separate patches

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 13:22:29 +0000


On 21 November 2010 12:49, Dieter Plaetinck <> wrote:
> It's easier to maintain and update separate versions/features using
> vcs branches rather then separate patch files. (unless all the
> patches posted are generated by vcs systems, but in that case we
> should at least publish the corresponding branches)

I think it's interesting. Having to store patches on the wiki (and
those which aren't, on the mailing list) is a bit prone to confusion.
You get patches for tip, for instance, which is hardly a tag you can
target. We might also get fewer people whining that a feature should
be in trunk.

Obviously if we do decide we want something like this it would be
better for this to go in the official dmenu hg repo. What are others'
thoughts on this?

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