Re: [dev] [hack] Having dmenu provide hints about current selected entry

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 15:34:18 +0000

On 26 November 2010 15:30, Connor Lane Smith <> wrote:
> That's fair. We could do some testing to see whether dmenu reading a
> *lot* of data from a pipe is noticeably slow, or whether it's just
> dmenu_path's sorting (which obviously we can't do anything about).

That said, if the source of the pipe prints items incrementally
(because it doesn't have to sort, for example) it would speed up dmenu
significantly, even though dmenu is not the source of the block. In
that respect threading could be useful.

Running `find | dmenu` would take an age to bring up dmenu with the
current model, but with threading it would appear instantly and then
start to be populated. (readstdin would need to make calls to

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