Re: [dev] [hack] Having dmenu provide hints about current selected entry

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 15:39:19 +0000

On 26 November 2010 15:33, Christophe-Marie Duquesne
<> wrote:
> > The threaded input is neat, and I am perfectly willing to
> > add it into dmenu proper. Though I expect others will not share that
> > willingness.
> It isn't. I experimented a crash when messing with it, so expect to find bugs.

I meant 'neat' in the sense of 'cool'... If we were to integrate it we
would definitely do a thorough debugging beforehand. Though it does
occur to me that we may need to use locking. Which ... suddenly makes
the whole idea look a lot less quick and easy.

On 26 November 2010 15:36, Anselm R Garbe <> wrote:
> works instantaneously for me. I see some 2s lack if I increase to seq
> 1000000 | dmenu though.
> But is 1M items a usual scenario? I kind of doubt that and the 2s
> penalty doesn't sound too bad imho.

Yeah, that seems pretty fast, though obviously seq is a very fast
process: my second response was a stronger argument. But having
remembered locking, I'm a lot less eager to do this. >.>

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