Re: [dev] Remount rootfs sync on impending battery depletion.

From: Ethan Grammatikidis <>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 05:16:49 +0000

On 22 Dec 2010, at 11:54 pm, Antoni Grzymala wrote:

> Ethan Grammatikidis dixit (2010-12-22, 23:02):
>> On 20 Dec 2010, at 6:56 pm, hiro wrote:
>>> Ever heard of setuid root??
>> I thought this was supposed to be a script? The Linux kernel prevents
>> the SUID bit from taking effect on scripts "because SUID scripts are
>> almost always security exploits." NOT my words, btw.
> He probably meant setuid on /bin/mount itself. Still, sudo does the
> job just fine despite suggested lack of sucklessness and other
> unforgivable faults.

I'm glad you have a solution which works for you, because /bin/mount
is already suid root. ;) It has to be to allow mounting when a 'user'
or 'users' option is specified in /etc/fstab. In the absence of such
an option mount does its own checking to see if you're really root.
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