Re: [dev] [dmenu] Patch for XDG Base Directory specification of dmenu_path

From: Moritz Wilhelmy <>
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 17:01:23 +0100

Excerpts from Troels Henriksen's message of Sun Jan 02 12:29:19 +0100 2011:
> /tmp is wiped on system reboot, while you might like your dmenu cache to
> live a little longer than that.

Not necessarily. This depends on your distribution.

A few examples:
Slackware doesn't purge it by default, debian iirc has an option somewhere,
archlinux empties /tmp completely. I'm not very certain about other
distributions, but I think most of them purge it in default configuration.

According to hier(7) one can not even rely on /tmp being kept for the whole
uptime, while /var/tmp holds "temporary files for an unspecified duration",
whatever that means in practice. At least no distribution known to me purges
/var/tmp/ on bootup per default. Also note that simply purging everything in
/tmp via a cronjob as proposed by hier(7) is fatal for programs placing sockets
in it (screen, tmux) and running X11 sessions.

Maybe /var/tmp/ would be a better choice than /tmp?

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