Re: [dev] [dmenu] Patch for XDG Base Directory specification of dmenu_path

From: Moritz Wilhelmy <>
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 19:11:45 +0100

Excerpts from Džen's message of Sun Jan 02 18:56:53 +0100 2011:
> On 02/01/11 08:01pm, anonymous wrote:
> > dmenu cache should be stored under $HOME because different users use
> > different $PATH.
> I guess this is the main reason why the location of the dmenu cache file
> shouldn't be changed -- storing it outside $HOME doesn't make sense to
> me, it overcomplicates things.
Imagine different computers mounting home directories over NFS: probably not
all of them have the same set of applications. As this is not the default case,
the sysadmin on these machines should be able to edit dmenu_run to fit his

> And using a 'pseudo-directory standard' isn't wise either in my opinion.
What exactly is a 'pseudo-directory standard'?

As a note, XDG doesn't make things better though, imagine copying files around
between systems in order to preserve settings, you need to take much more care
about getting everything right instead of just copying ~/.gajim - for instance
- to preserve everything gajim-related.
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