[dev] [st] Separating the wheat (terminal emulation) from the chaff (X)

From: Ross Mohn <rpmohn_AT_waxandwane.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 12:02:57 -0500

 Back in an old thread on st goals, there was some good discussion of
modularizing the terminal emulation part of st to allow the attachment
of other, non-xlib-based front-ends. I don't see it on the goals wiki
page, but I'm interested in helping with this goal if others are in
agreement with it. I presently use both st and dvtm on various
platforms/OSs/capabilities and I'd like to consolidate the two projects'
efforts. I'd also love to see some movement on the goal "Server to save
session in case you crash X" (should remove the word X, though), but I'm
not as motivated there since dtach is reliable for me.

Thoughts? -Ross
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