Re: [dev] Recent vain attempts at suckless Web applications

From: carmen <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 01:35:36 +0000

> ...and this is precisely the garden path that people followed to create modern massive web frameworks.

indeed. Merb, when it began, was a 180 line of code masterpiece. somehow, it bloated up to Rails proportions and eventually merged with it.

Camping is decent, but i found it uneditable (without breaking), too much metaprogramming insanity

i wrote a small web daemon, and it is an email client, a media player,a directory browser on crack and a lot of other stuff. 2500 lines now, but it replaced every other app i ever used besides irssi and dwm

pushed to these repos




to avoid bloat, existing paradigms are used wherever possible. filesystem for database, existing file formats and regex-based or library-based parser, to triple-streams of RDF converted to a per-request Graph model (using JSON/hash datastructure rather than inventin a new RDF::Graph class)

minimalist clientside filtering tools exist, eg a 46 line replacement for the ~600K of code Simile Exhibit project:

theres no weird auth crap, permissions handled via *nix - i run a webserver bound to to read my own mail in ~/, and su to another dummy user to bind to to serve up stuff publically.
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