[dev] [wmii] Windows without borders

From: loz.accs <loz.accs_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:50:43 +0900

Hi all, I've got a problem with urxvt terminal emulator, there is a
way to make urxvt behavior like background wallpaper on desktop. I
mean without borders and control from wm like other "normal" windows,
just terminal on your desktop.
urxvt has -bl option, according man page:

"-bl Compile frills: Set MWM hints to request a borderless window,
i.e. if honoured by the WM, the rxvt-unicode window will not have
window decorations; resource borderLess. If the window manager does
not support MWM hints (e.g. kwin), enables override-redirect mode."

But in wmii urxvt with -bl cannot get input focus from keyboard - I
can select lines by mouse, but terminal's cursor is always empty.
Besides this window always on top, like floating, visible on all tags
and cannot be moved or resized by mouse.

Is there any way to make wmii cooperate with borderless windows? And
is it possible to place urxvt directly on desktop, under all tiled and
floated windows?
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