Re: [dev] [wmii] Windows without borders

From: loz.accs <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:44:32 +0900

Hm Can I tell wmii to place windows with special names under all other
windows? I think this can be a solution.
BTW I found no documentation about current (3.9.2) wmii filesystem,
tagging and column rules. Does it exist? Or when it will be written?

2011/1/25, Bjartur Thorlacius <>:
> You should probably draw on the root window, rather than try to create
> a new floating and borderless one.
> On 1/24/11, loz.accs <> wrote:
>> Hi all, I've got a problem with urxvt terminal emulator, there is a
>> way to make urxvt behavior like background wallpaper on desktop. I
>> mean without borders and control from wm like other "normal" windows,
>> just terminal on your desktop.
>> urxvt has -bl option, according man page:
>> "-bl Compile frills: Set MWM hints to request a borderless window,
>> i.e. if honoured by the WM, the rxvt-unicode window will not have
>> window decorations; resource borderLess. If the window manager does
>> not support MWM hints (e.g. kwin), enables override-redirect mode."
>> But in wmii urxvt with -bl cannot get input focus from keyboard - I
>> can select lines by mouse, but terminal's cursor is always empty.
>> Besides this window always on top, like floating, visible on all tags
>> and cannot be moved or resized by mouse.
>> Is there any way to make wmii cooperate with borderless windows? And
>> is it possible to place urxvt directly on desktop, under all tiled and
>> floated windows?
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