[dev] [surf] [PATCHES] (1) GConf URL schema handlers (2) delete _SURF_GO xprop (3) close stdout sending XID

From: Adam Strzelecki <ono_AT_java.pl>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 14:15:11 +0200

Below you will find patches for latest HG head of *surf* which I am using in my project using integrated Linux station.

(1) surf-1-respect-GNOME-URL-handlers.patch

This patch makes *surf* respect URL schema handlers registered in GNOME/Gtk/GConf, when requested url is using other schemas than http: or https:.
Since anyway *surf* is Gtk program it was easy to add GConf handling inside to open other program registered on /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/<schema>/command, such as IRC, IMs.

(2) surf-2-delete-_SURF_GO-once-received.patch

This xprop (atom) may be used to tell *surf* to go to specific URL. It is safer to remove this atom just after it is set in case we send some URL containing passwords or auth tokens such as http://login:mypassword@myserver.com/
Anyway _SURF_URI will represents current page URL, so keeping _SURF_GO makes no sense. In our case it is matter of safety to not expose this one.

(3) surf-3-close-and-reopen-stdout-when-sending-XID.patch

When using -x option making *surf* emit its window XID currently it does not close stdout so:

  SURFXID=`surf -x 2>/dev/null &`

will hand forever because no EOF is encountered.

So this patch reopens stdout to /dev/null just after sending XID using -x option, so caller process (shell) will receive EOF for stdout and return the control.

I hope these small patches gets accepted into HG repo so, we will be able to use *surf* out of the box in our project without need for custom patching.


Adam Strzelecki

Received on Thu Apr 07 2011 - 14:15:11 CEST

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