[dev] st patch for draw() etc.

From: Magnus Leuthner <magnus.leuthner_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:46:43 +0200


attached is a patch for st-0.1.1 that will make the following changes:

 - rewrote some of the drawing routines, should be faster now and allows to
draw the selection while selecting
 - pressing ESC clears selection
 - CTRL+left/right jumps words

I'm not sure it's implemented to your standards, but it works for me so I'll
share. Please feel free to modify this in any way you see fit.

Please note that the drawing for the selection while selecting only works if
the -Os option to GCC is omitted. I have not idea why but I would be very
interested if someone would care to elaborate.

Kind regards

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