Re: [dev] Why dwm or wmii over xmonad, etc., or not?

From: dtk <>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 01:59:18 +0200

Excerpts from Suraj Kurapati's message of Thu Apr 21 21:39:38 +0200 2011:
> Your config seems fine. I don't see any glaring problems in it.
cool. *huge* thanks for looking into this whole thing!!

> On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 9:04 AM, dtk <> wrote:
> The version that ships with wmii is *ancient*! My config on GitHub
> is much better, having since undergone several bursts of evolution.
cool! looking forward to check it out!

> I recommend upgrading to both wmii-hg and my config on GitHub. :)
> I recommend compiling wmii from its source code repository. The
> 3.9.2 stable release in your Linux distro is ancient, IMHO.
\o/ you fixed it!! :D
actually I only built master just yet, so haven't thrown neither your current
config nor my mods at it yet, but so far wireshark runs just nicely :) *yaaay!!*

thanks for the tip! wouldn't have thought that the stable release was that old
(especially since it's advertised on haven't seen
much yet, but master (is it called like that in mercurial?) looks really nice!
you got a systray thingy and a history in the menu. sweet!

thanks again for your patient support!
thanks alot
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