Re: [dev] dwm

From: <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 20:21:59 +0200 (CEST)

> and I'm not trying to define 'dynamic window manager' in the general
> case. I'm explaining to you why your workflow is incompatible with
> dwm.
nope, if, at all, dwm is incompatible with my workflow ;)
> I can't make any of this make sense. If you want to reorder windows,
> there's mod1+return. If you want a different layout, you can patch
> that in. I suspect you're using five tags total and not
> simultaneously... in which case you're misusing dwm.
yes, yes, no
> this is not a problem. fix wmii. don't try to turn dwm into it.
yeah this would be a solution if wmii would be documented..which
is not really the case..sorry but there is nearly no documentation in it ;)
and i dont have time to re-engineer it. Switching my wm seems a
better sollution.

> Sorry, I don't understand -- why is Alt-Return insufficient?
yes ok, this is a solution. but if i switch back via via Alt-Return
the main-window gets ordered at first windows on the right side..
so if i want it to be the bottom window on the right side (like it
was before)...its like this old puzzle-game where you have to
shuffle those stones until u have the pattern u have to build.
but perhaps i find a patch for that :)
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