Re: [dev] [ANN] sabotage 2011-04-30, a musl+busybox based distribution

From: Ruben Mikkonen <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 22:45:29 +0300

That would be cool in my opinion, since I'm attraced to the concep of Abaco
(and Acme). The only reason I don't regularly use Abaco is that it renders
pages so poorly that it's much saner to use e.g. Surf.
On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 8:11 AM, Jens Staal <> wrote:

> > For a web browser I would recommend NetSurf, not to be confused with
> > surf (which is a shameful disgrace for the suckless project).
> >
> Not to re-ignite the (very) volatile feelings on this list lately, but
> I just happened to stumble on a *nix port of abaco
> ( Considering the history of some other
> Suckless projects (correct me if I am wrong), like wmii that evolved
> from Rio, and which subsequently spawned dwm, perhaps a similar
> evolution starting from abaco would be possible?
> On the other hand - why discuss choice of a browser for an
> experimental base system? As far as I see it, the browser is not part
> of the base system and should be optional (as long as there is some
> way, package manager or other solution) to to get it and to build it
> from the base.
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