[dev] [dwm] dwm-hg, layouts, setfocus and pertag patch

From: Bogdan Ionuț <bogdan_AT_punctweb.ro>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 18:53:43 +0300

Hello guys,

I'm using dwm-hg aka dwm 5.9 with dwm-5.8.2-pertag_without_bar.diff, and I
have a problem with layouts and setfocus "feature" (commit 7e2a8fec8d6c).
Firefox by default is using tag 9, so go to tag 9 and set monocle layout,
after go to tag 1 and start firefox from this tag using tile layout. Now
firefox should start and tags switched from 1 to 9, but 'cause of the
setfocus feature is using the layout from the old tag (tile) in the new tag
(which should be monocle), but if you switch tags using the keyboard (eg.
mod+1, mod+9), the correct layout is shown in tag 9. Sorry for the long
story, but this is getting more and more annoying as I use ~2-3 apps in
monocle layout all the time in the `web` tag. Any workaround for this?
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