Re: [dev] sltar c

From: Nick <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 21:51:54 +0100

Quoth Connor Lane Smith:
> I've written a quick patch for sltar which lets you create archives as
> well as extract and list them. (It reads the files' paths in through
> stdin.) I've not tested it extensively, but it seems to work well.
> Maybe Enno could apply it to the sltar repo?
Well really, that's most annoying. I've had a local patch of sltar
to add create support for ages now, but had never quite cleaned it
up to a state that I was happy sharing it, and here you come along
with a fresh patch which is much nicer and cleaner than mine ever
could have been. Thanks ;)

One thing which could be considered would be allowing specifying
file / directory names on argv. While it complicates the code, and
is a less flexible way of specifying things, it does add
compatibility with a lot of scripts which will expect it. They will
also expect recursive directory traversal, so 'tar c mydir/' will
tar up everything under mydir. I know backwards compatibility,
particularly with the unix ecosystem, is a dangerous rabbithole to
jump in to, but this feature is probably worth it.

Another feature which would be nice would be stripping of leading /
and .. from path names when creating and extracting archives. So
that things cannot be too impolite /dangerous.


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