[dev] [9base] fmt vs PLAN9PORT

From: Szabolcs Nagy <nsz_AT_port70.net>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 22:19:51 +0200

i was playing with pcc+musl and compiled various
libs including 9base with them

i found that there are two versions of the fmt lib
in 9base/plan9port: plan9 style and ansi style
(former is used when PLAN9PORT is defined)

the problem is that all the commands seem to
expect the plan9 style fmt

eg unsigned decimal and unsigned hexadecimal
formating is different:
plan9: %ud %ux
ansi: %u %x

this can cause all sort of issues eg ls -l or du
prints file sizes with a 'd' suffix

so essentially the tools are unusable if
PLAN9PORT is not defined (ansi style fmt,
the default in 9base)

imho this should be fixed in p9p by using ifdef
PLAN9PORT in all the tools where necessary
(as it is done in some places under lib9/)

in 9base we either define PLAN9PORT (it has some
other effects beyond the formatting style..)
or manually fix the formats in the source to use
the ansi style

i also attached a patch i used to be able to compile
with musl

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