Re: [dev] mret

From: sqweek <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 18:47:49 +0800

2011/5/26 Kamil Cholewiński <>:
> BTW offtopic, anyone knows of a decend CLI music player that doesn't
> use any freaking curses UI (like mpc/mpd) *AND* doesn't try to build a
> database (like moc)? Like mh, but for tunes.

 m9u is probably about as simple as it gets. Though technically it's
not even a music player; it relies on other programs for that, and
only deals with the playlist. Doesn't try to keep track of any meta
data and certainly doesn't use any curses, it just gives you a 9p
 I'm interested in feedback, I know the current version has bugs
related to re-writing /list and reading /queue, but it works fine for
my minimal use cases and no one hassles me about them so my motivation
isn't very high to fix them ;)
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