Re: [dev] Sandy editor

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 04:30:02 +0100

On 5 June 2011 02:34, Rafa Garcia Gallego
<> wrote:
> Well, those are the ASCII characters you have to produce. My keyboard
> (fairly standard setxkbmap us altgr-intl -option ctrl:nocaps),
> produces them as follows:
> C-_ with Ctrl-/ and Ctrl-7
> C-^ with Ctrl-6
> If this were standard (though I'm afraid it won't be) we'd definitely
> have to change the manpage to reflect it.

I've tried it again and the bindings seem to work, at least, though
they're a little unpleasant. On my keyboard (UK Qwerty) the keys are:
C-_ with Ctrl-/ and Ctrl-_ (Ctrl-Shift-Dash)
C-^ with Ctrl-6

I understand we're a little short bindings, thanks to curses, so I'm
unsure what to suggest. But as Ctrl-/ works it's better than I
thought; Ctrl-_ is an awful chord.

I also committed a patch which stops certain extra GCC warnings,
mostly from signed / unsigned comparisons, and replaced kill with
abort so we don't need -D_POSIX_SOURCE.

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