Re: [dev] Suckless Smartphone?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 11:47:16 +0200

Nice that this thread started. I am looking forward for input, since
currently I feel I have the choice between veeeeeeery bad and
verrrrrrrry bad.

* ilf <> [2011-06-05 19:18]:
> I actually only want a Browser and a usable Terminal with an SSH-Client.

That's what I want, too.
Plus *good* battery life.

I don't intent to throw away my 20EUR nokia 1208 -- it's great: simple,
long battery life, fast, doesn't stay in the way. I rather started to
look for some pocket size multi purpose computing device which, with
separate folding keyboard, I can take on short trips.

I always wanted separate devices for separate tasks, so that you can
choose to take the ones you need only and save resources for tasks you
don't need in the moment.

The more I thought, I see separation makes sense for some device, but
not for others. A phone should be small, simple, less energy consuming,
small screen, (monochrome if you ask me), not more than 15-20 keys, no
camera, no radio, no player, etc. But is allowed to have a torch, haha.

On the other hand, navigation, browsing, picture viewer, a video player
need a decent display, somewhat CPU power and similar connectivity. A
device for every task would be too much duplication. So I came to small
size tablets (up to 5''), which are quite similar to bigger smart
phones. As long as you can switch off the phone while you don't need it
I'm fine with that.

And now I am lost in that jungle.

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