Re: [dev] sbase patch

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 11:24:46 +0100

On 8 June 2011 10:19, pancake <> wrote:
> I'm attaching a patch that fixes the make to use ${CC} instead of musl if
> $CC environ is defined, musl is not yet available on all systems, so we
> should honor those environment variables.

I'm afraid the '?=' syntax is not POSIX compliant; portable macros
must be of the form "X = Y". I'll comment out musl-gcc for the time
being, but this is just development atm, not a release, so I'm not
bothered about this stuff: people are expected to edit the,
and compiling sbase with glibc and -static is insane (have you seen
the binary size?).

> the patch also adds the 'install' target.

This I will add.

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