[dev] [tabbed] Add window ID to environment

From: Gregor Best <gbe_AT_ring0.de>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 14:01:40 +0200

Hi people,

the attached patch lets tabbed expose its window ID to its children via
the env var TABBED_WIN. This allows doing things like the following from
inside tabbed:

    st -t "Foo" -w $TABBED_WIN &
    st -t "Bar" -w $TABBED_WIN

thus easing the use of different tab titles.

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    $i++<=$s){$t++if c r,r}die("Gregor Best, 0xDB9F9A7C, ".($t/$s*
    4).$l)-;$s+=ord$$|$_ for split //,$p;srand($s|$$);eval$p;die$@

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