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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 07:59:36 -0800

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> > Still I wonder why you try so much to stay modeless. Modes are a real
> > advantage because each mode offers a separate editor. Take vi: You can
> > edit in normal mode (= the actual vi mode) or in ex mode or in insert
> > mode (e.g. with ^W, ^U). You have the choice which editor (mode) you
> > use for some editing task. Ed has modes, too: Command and insert mode.
> >
> > Surely, the problems are knowing in which mode you're in and switching
> > modes. But in return, each mode lets you re-use your keyboard keys
> > (the optimum) and for each mode you can design a new editor that's
> > best suited for the kind of editing this mode is intended to do.
> Why would you want several editors?  The problem with vi and mutt is that
> they have all these keybindings; hence you can on occasion find yourself
> in some crazy dark key combination that you didn't mean to be in. 
> A simple editor probably shouldn't have any more keybindings than, say,
> surf; in fact one or two less: page up/down, up/right/left/down, and
> find. One doesn't need modes for that.  If you want to do something
> wacked out to your file (like go to the third word on the 4th sentence
> and delete every vowel), that should probably be done *outside* the
> editor.
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I own a keyboard that has no pgup/pgdn, or arrow keys.

My 2 cents.

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