Re: [dev] Experimental editor

From: Jon Bradley <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 02:10:13 -0800

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 09:27:38AM +0200, Mate Nagy wrote:
> hi,
> > Whether or not your keyboard has a page up/down key is a bit moot;
> > the point is that an editor should have under 10 keybindings: up,
> > down, left, right (C-hjkl), page up and down (C-uv), save and quite
> > (and search and search-and-replace (if you are feeling luxurious)).
> you are wrong and/or never learnt to properly use an editor in your
> life.
> with friendship,
> Mate

I'm editing this messaging that I'm writing with vim, why is that a bad
thing? whats a bad thing is that I'm replying to the wrong statement :/

Less, I was tought in computers in better... not added restritions
(sorry for the mis direction).

I want those dark lost 'I don't know where I am' keys, I need them too
live... because their is a way to be unix, and there is a way to not be
unix, in real life.....

No books, to read for the PhDs... just you should read them.

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