Re: [dev] wmii

From: Thomas Dahms <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 20:16:39 +0200

2011/6/25 Thomas Kucharczyk <>:
> This is weird, deleting the wmii dir doesnt seem to cause changes, nor pops
> up a menu
> creating wmiirc_local doesnt solve it
> changing Modkey in /etc/wmii/wmiirc doesnt solve it

Try to start wmii with "wmii -r /etc/wmii/wmiirc" and change the
Modkey in /etc/wmii/wmiirc.
The -r flag specifies which wmiirc to load; maybe something mixed up
the configuration-path auto magic.

Are any other changes to your config files affecting wmii's behavior?
Try to change some color, for example.

And are you sure you are using wmii 3.9.2 and not hg tip? The hg
version uses /etc/wmii-hg and ~/.wmii-hg as configuration paths.

Thomas Dahms
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