[dev] dwm: xclip problem

From: brad clawsie <brad.clawsie_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 09:49:43 -0700


i recently created a shell script called "pastexclip" which contains the text

xclip -o

and bound this in dwm to Alt+v

i have my DISPLAY exported to

after putting some text into the xclipboard via "xclip -i", i can run
the pastexclip command at the prompt and see text printed (i know i am
not using xclip incorrectly).

but when i use my dwm shortcut Alt+v, the text is printed not to the
current context in X, but the system console (i.e. i see it after
exiting X)

any help appreciated, thanks
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