[dev] Re: dwm aesthetic 'bug'

From: Connor Lane Smith <cls_AT_lubutu.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 16:49:40 +0100

And here's a usability bug. (I don't have a patch for this one.)

If you have the following clients:

A (tag 1)
B (tag 2)
C (tags 1,2)

Whenever you switch from tag 1 to 2, client C will *always* be
focused, even if it your last two focused clients were A and B. It
seems that dwm chooses to focus C because it's common to both tags,
even though it ought to be at the bottom of the focus stack. This
results in me having to refocus A or B *every time* I switch tag. That
seems broken to me.

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