Re: [dev] [patch] Xinerama bugfix + map new window *after* arrange(), again

From: garbeam <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 20:03:46 +0200

Hi Peter,

On 29 July 2011 19:15, Peter Hartlich <> wrote:
> So here's another go at mapping new windows after everything has
> been arranged.
> This time, floating windows are stacked correctly and there are
> no flickers or redraws of the title bar or the new window. The
> two patches add 8 short lines. Seems not too gross as an interim
> solution.
> The line "c->mon->sel = c;" also fixes a vanilla dwm bug on
> Xinerama setups:
> 1. Focus a floating window w belonging to a client c
> 2. Focus another monitor with focusmon()
> 3. When c pops up a transient window w' on the unfocused monitor,
>   w' is stacked behind w.
> For testing, transient.c opens a floating window and then after
> 5 seconds a transient one.

Excellent work Peter! I applied your patches and added the transient
driver for debugging purposes (it'll be useful for 6.0 development as
well). Let's wait a couple of days and test this further, then I will
do a dwm-5.9.1 bugfix release, before going ahead with the 6.0

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