[dev] wmii keyboard shortcut issues

From: Benjamin Cathey <benjamin_AT_apocalypticfail.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 19:36:07 -0400

I recently added a few new key combinations and I am having issues and I
am not quite sure why.

I am attempting to use the number keys in the numeric keypad and it
simply is not working. The combinations work with the regular number
keys however not with those on the keypad. Using xev it looks as though
the keycodes are identical so I am not sure why it is not working. The
combinations are:

Key $MODKEY-Control-l
Key $MODKEY-Control-6
Key $MODKEY-Control-5
Key $MODKEY-Control-4
Key $MODKEY-Control-8
Key $MODKEY-Control-2

None of those perform their proper eval execution except when I use the
regular number row.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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