Re: [dev] [surf] tablet-mode

From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:24:29 +0200

Here's what I use:

^T to toggle touch mode and doubleclick to zoom

Feel free to cleanup and upload to i dont have much time
right now to do it.

On 09/08/11 21:53, Bryan Bennett wrote:
> While I understand the want to retain as small a (code/screen)
> footprint as possible, how is it a good idea to introduce a
> feature aimed at keyboardless users and then hook the
> functionality to the keyboard? I have no educated solution,
> as I've not looked over surf's source, but it seems to defeat
> the purpose of introducing the feature in the first place.
> Maybe a config.h option that toggles drawing a small square
> in one corner to handle switching modes? I'm not sure exactly
> how hard it would be to draw on top of surf's webview (say, to
> introduce the window in the bottom right corner)
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