[dev] st bug report and feature request

From: <u-st-jfpt_AT_aetey.se>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 16:57:21 +0200


Having compiled and tested st, I would like to contribute a report.

First the less important and possibly known issue:

Utf-8 and line graphics symbols' handling looks broken on bold text (?).

E.g. mutt shows kanji in From correctly unless the entry is highlighted.

Selecting text which contains kanji may lead to the line being redrawn
with characters on different horisontal positions. Moving the selection
pointer right and left makes characters to move either left or right.

This depends also on which font has been picked by st at start, which in turn
depends on the font collection being available at the X11 server.

The more important issue, choice of the fonts:

With some fonts (depending on the actual server) the display is totally
broken, cursor being misplaced to the right and characters appearing
"in two places/halves" or like that. In general it looks like wrong
font width calculation.

With many other fonts the displayed characters are far from being pretty
and/or convenient for long use.

My experience (not only with st) says that core fonts are harmful
and unreliable. If you prefer a different expression, they suck. :)
I wonder if there is any intention to use a different rendering tool?

A nice approach, not implying any dependency on Xft/fontconfig
can be seen being used by http://www.etalabs.net/uuterm.html
Wonder if this can be useful for st. The ytty font looks good.

Thanks for working on suckless projects.

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