Re: [dev] Some questions about st and a patch

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 16:06:56 +0100


On 17/10/2011, Stephen Paul Weber <> wrote:
> 4) alt+leftarrow and alt+rightarrow, which I use in irssi to swich chats, do
> not seem to work. Looking at st.c, it seems that kpress handles the
> arrow keys specially, which may be breaking this?

I'm not a st developer, but I've had a look at this. Arrow keys do
need to be handled in a special way, but the arrow keys don't work
with any modifier keys.

Currently st handles an arrow key by printing, eg, "\033[D". With
shift it is "\033[1;2D", with alt "\033[1;3D", and so on. So it needs
to detect bucky bits and react accordingly.

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