Re: [dev] Linux sucks!

From: Paul Onyschuk <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 12:47:01 +0200

On Thu, 27 Oct 2011 22:33:18 +0100
Guilherme Lino <> wrote:

> yeah but the true is that a linux desktop is almost useless for a
> normal person
> i remember first time i used ubuntu. i started a openoffice
> presentation on the 4th slide the system was already unusable. And
> wet back to windows, even google docs was better for the job.
> of course latex is cool, vim, dwm, but no one out of the professional
> field of computer sience have the time or patience to learn this unix
> philosophy..
> --
> Guilherme Lino

I love view on open source presented by Paul Ramsey [1]. He described
software as ecosystem, where code is fighting for developers time.
Case for proprietary software is pretty simple:
- software sellings (userbase) = more money for hiring developers
- software stops to sells = developers are going away and software dies

For obvious reasons this isn't valid, when we're speaking about open
source. Still people tend to look at open source, same way as at
proprietary software: popularity contest. This way all the talk about
"normal and casual users" kicks in.

Many miss the point, that open source software doesn't need to be
mainstream to be successful. Even small projects like dwm can get
enough developers time to sustain it needs. It is successful in own
environment, let say desert or tundra. It is totally understandable,
that normal users can't operate in this environment.

LaTeX, Vim, dwm - those project will never hit mainstream, but they
won't die anytime soon either. How relevant normal user is in the
context of this software and why we should even care?

P.S. If you're poisoned by "world domination" syndrome or you're other
occult believer, please don't anwser to last question.


Paul Onyschuk <>
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