Re: [dev] Linux sucks!

From: Christoph Lohmann <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 10:35:01 +0200


Guilherme Lino wrote:
> yeah but the true is that a linux desktop is almost useless for a normal person
> i remember first time i used ubuntu. i started a openoffice presentation on
> the 4th slide the system was already unusable. And wet back to windows, even
> google docs was better for the job.
> of course latex is cool, vim, dwm, but no one out of the professional field
> of computer sience have the time or patience to learn this unix philosophy..

This whole discussion is missing an important fact, where Windows
is losing for years now: It's porn.

Just imagine the average porn user, which now shifted its usage
to the web. Well, in average it needs three months to get such a
Windows PC infected by something, which cannot be eradicted and
is not intended to be eradicted, because the Windows developers
don't grasp what they have produced. So the only solution is to
reinstall the whole thing, which means the hassle of trying to
find the Windows CD, the registration key, updating everything
for hours, shouting at the computer for having to reboot the 10th
time in row, just to get a small update into the system and in all
the hassle of avoiding bloat, by clicking the right boxes in in-
stallation routines, which you have to go through and to see how
bad a copy routine can be implemented, you forget time and space.
(Maybe that's the religious element of Windows.) In the end you
waste at least two days for the artificial installation and click-
ing gangbangs a Windows PC needs. Of course this can be automated,
but who wants to go through the hassle of installing the Microsoft
pimp software? Harddrive cloning? Activation problems? Reinstall-
ation issues? After three months all of this again? No way!

Well, and there is Linux and Ubuntu as respective »get something
up for the end user« distribution. You simply install it and can
automate it using regular fast migration methods, like rsync,
disc cloning, backups etc., which you use regulary in your daily
non-Windows world. But then you don't really need to do this.
The Ubuntu installations the »average users« around me are using
didn't break during porn usage for more than two years.

Concluding from this double-blind multi-centric clinical study
(n=4): Windows is going to die, if they don't change their market
strategy. They are keeping themselves in their niche of so called
»professional software«, but this won't last for long. The natural
paradigm of the free porn market won't wait for Microsoft.


Christoph Lohmann
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