Re: [dev] [dwm] ncol layout

From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 23:02:49 +0100

When nmaster was released I was a heavy user of it.. And definitively when I stopped using it I didnt really miss it.

I find it useful just in few situations, like when coding on 4:3 screen and needing to read a manpage or src and another src at the same time.

Another use was to get a 2|1 layout instead of 1|N..

Then I realized that nmaster was not useful because it was killing my browser+downloads list tag. I wrote a patch that allowed me to force just N tiled windows as visible.

This patch is named cpt aka clients per tag. This patch probably the one it was more productive as long as I could open many windows in a single tag and toggle the visible ones to just the first 3 ones.

Some people would say that this patch was just because a missuse of the tagging paradigm, but i find it more comfortable.

Well.. Those are my 5bc to the thread

On 30/10/2011, at 21:38, "Roman Z." <> wrote:

>> This leads me to the question to long-time users of nmaster: Do you
>> guys adjust nmaster frequently, or do you just stick to a particular
>> setting? I guess the latter... Please let me know.
> I got one 1680x1050 screen and most of the time I work with one window
> in the master column. Being able to increasing nmaster on the fly is
> invaluable when I need to fit more windows on the screen. A fixed
> nmaster would be useless to me.
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